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DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
It's a **** whale (O)Whales (O)
Baleen plates for teeth (sO)**Baleen whales (sO)
Short flippers, no barnacles (F)Right Whales (F)
Barnacles (F)Gray Whale (F)
Throat grooves (F)Rorquals (F)
Biggest EVER!Blue Whale
Homodont teeth (sO)Toothed Whales (sO)
Beak, melon (F)*Dolphins and Killer Whale (F)
Stretched skull*Common Bottle-nosed dolphin
2 teeth in upper jaw, tusk in males (F)**White whale, beluga, narwhal (F)
Blunt head (F)**Sperm Whale (F)
Deflected Rostrum (O)**Order
Rounded tail fluke (F)Manatees (F)
**** ManateeWest Indian Manatee
Notched tail fluke (F)Dugong (F)
DescriptionScientific NameCommon Name
1/2 triangular incisors, syndactylus (O)*Hyrax (O)
1/2 triangular incisors, syndactylus (F)Hyrax (F)
Stereoscopic vision, friction ridges (O)Primates (O)
Postorbital bar (sO)Primitive Primates (sO)
Long rostrum, pectinate lower incisors (F)Lemurs (F)
1/1 incisors, elongated finger (F)Aye-Aye (F)
Postorbital plate (sO)Modern Primates (sO)
Gigantic eyes (F)Tarsiers (F)
Reduced pollux (F)New World Monkeys (F)
Sectoral teeth, 1st lower premolar at 45o angle (F)Old World Monkeys (F)
Reduced pollux, long arms (F)Gibbons (F)
Grooved canines, parallels cheek teeth (F)Apes (F)
**** gorillaWestern Gorilla
**** humanHuman
**** chimpChimpanzee

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