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QUIZ: Can you name the famous mustache?

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DescriptionFamous Person
He has diabeetus
Terry Gene Bolella
Evil tiny square mustache
Magnum P.I.
Smoky and the Mustache
Manhattan Project
Mustache Stills Nash and Young
Guest Star in the Simpsons episode 'Homer's Phobia'
26th President of the United States
Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Mustache
American Airlines Pilot who landed in the Hudson
Not Zeppo or Carl or Harpo
Oprah's mustachioed friend
Oprah's boyfriend
2nd best selling music video of all time, 'Live at the Acropolis'
DescriptionFamous Person
Oakland A's pitcher
Shut yo mouth!
Biggest mustache in the adult film industry
Spanish Surrealist painter
Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight
If you have a mustache, you might be a redneck
Kentucky Fried Mustache
His mustache got 'Under Pressure' with David Bowie
Has childrend named Dweezil and Moon Unit
Ted Lange on the Love Boat
This is Jeopardy!
Nintendo's favorite mustache
Diego Rivera's wife
PGA Tour's 'The Walrus'

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