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Can you name the Academy Award Winners for Best Actor/Best Actress whose last names are words?

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Year of OscarActor/ActressDefinition
1929/1930 (actress)one who removes sheep wool
1931/1932, 1946 (actor)to walk deliberately, often in military context
1931/1932 (actor)r. like beer
1934 (actor)part of a building enclosed by a pitched roof
1936 (actor)r. municipal
1941, 1952 (actor)one who makes barrels
1943 (actress)addiction, craving
1947 (actress)being in the early stages of life
1951 (actor)to bully, force, to hog something
1952 (actress)a stall or compartment, like for voting
1953 (actor)r. v. past participle of hold
1954 (actress)a shade of green, also (r) a man's stiff hat
1958 (actress)r. officer in charge of hedges/fences
1962 (actor)a stroke or bite by a bird with its beak
1969 (actress)a metalworker, or to forge
1971 (actor)r. the driver of a hack (or taxi)
1971, 1978 (actress)r. (from Spanish) an inn or restaurant
1974 (actor)v. a person employed by a carnival
1975 (actress)one who makes arrows
1976 (actor)type of bird, famously studied by Darwin
1979, 1984 (actress)open ground, especially for pasture, or sports
Year of OscarActor/ActressDefinition
1981 (actor)r. (from Spanish) an inn or restaurant
1985 (actor)to cause bodily harm, to injure
1985 (actress)a sheet of paper
1987 (actress)r. (from French) dear, beloved
1988, 1991 (actress)to raise a child (not biologic or adoptive)
1990 (actor)to smooth/press clothes (3rd person singular)
1990 (actress)r. pl. to moderate or restrain, lessen
1993 (actress)one who chases or pursues in order to catch or kill
1993, 1994 (actor)r. pl. a skein (thread of yarn), coil of hair
1995 (actor)boxlike enclosure, confining prisoner or animal
1996 (actor)to move with speed, to dash
1997 (actress)to chase or pursue with force, to catch or kill
1999 (actor)v. dazed or stupefied, dream-like
1999, 2004 (actress)swagger, dashing smartness
2001 (actress)small, juicy fruit
2009 (actor)pl. structure spanning over river, road, etc
2009 (actress)r. a castrated bull
2010 (actor)r. (from Scottish) a long, narrow indentation of seacoast
2016 (actress)rock, sometimes describing jewel/diamond
2019 (actor)mythical bird that rises from its ashes

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