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Can you name the Fairy Tail characters, each starting with a different letter?

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AKnown as the 'Black Dragon in the Book of Apocalypse'
BChief of Staff of the Royal Army of Edolas
CPoison Dragon Slayer, member of Oracion Seis
DMain antagonist of the Fairy Tail movie
EFormer member of Eisenwald, uses wind magic
FA green cat that wears a pink frog costume
GS-Class mage of Fairy Tail
HGuildmaster of Grimoire Heart
I'Strongest' member of Blue Pegasus
JOne of the 10 Wizard Saints
KSkilled swordswoman, member of Mermaid Heel
LUses Script Magic, member of Fairy Tail
MGuildmaster of Fairy Tail
NMain character, Fire Dragon Slayer
OLightning God Slayer, member of Sabertooth
PGajeel's cat
QExceed Queen of Extalia
RShadow Dragon Slayer, member of Sabertooth
SJellal's identity when he pretended to be a Council member
TCelestial Spirit bull
UGray and Lyon's mentor
VCelestial Spirit maid
WFormer member of Cait Shelter
YCelestial Spirit Mage, member of Sabertooth
ZThe Black Wizard

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