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Who is in charge of accelerated nursing?
Whose extension is 8750?
Who gets the tannest from visiting New Jersey?
What is the official title of a tour guide?
What is the scanner's name?
What is the most-used word in the admissions video?
Who walks around with her ShakeWeight?
What is the official game of the admissions office?
Who is the mother of Admissions?
What was the previous name of the Bobcat Den?
Who's the big man on campus?
What is the proper name of dorm road?
Whose line do you avoid in the caf?
What's the best part about information sessions?
Who is the VIP of admissions?
Where should we order lunch today?
Who are we nice to in order to get paid?
What is the Orientation extension?
What is the name of Ellie's son's pizza place?
What is the Super Bowl of Admissions?
What was Plourd's favorite game?
Who orders the most pizza in the office?
What brand of water bottles does Admissions provide?
What does DSS stand for?
Who once got mistaken for the owner of KFC?
What is the most asked question between tour guides in the office?
When you can't understand an accent on the phone, who do you send it to?

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