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What was the first gift given in the 75th games?
How many tributes are in Haymitch's games?
Who does Haymitch team up with in his games?
What is the export of district 8?
What bird is crossed with a mocking bird to make a mocking jay?
When Katniss is given bread in the 74th hunger games what district is it from?
Why couldn't people eat the food of the arena in Haymitch's games?
Who is the head peace keeper in district 12 in the 1st book?
Who replaces Cray as Head peace keeper?
Who wins their games because they are the best swimmer?
What is district 10's export?
Who is the BABE!!!! from district 2 in the 74th hunger games?
What district is the boy that guards the careers' supplies from?
How old is Finnick when he wins his games?
Who pretends to be weak in their games?
During the 75th Hunger Games how many rolls did Katniss' group revieve at a time?
Who is the first to figure out the arena is like a clock?
What is the nickname for the district 3 tributes in the 75th hunger games?
Who's voice does Finnick hear from the Jabber Jays?
What was district 13 known for doing?

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