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Can you name the questions to these FFVII answers?

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A billboard advertising 'Avalanche' can be found in a train station in this Midgar sector
You can steal a unique armor, one that has no materia slots but very high defense, from this recurring boss
The party's first encounter with Jenova yields this summon materia
The piano in the Shinra Mansion will never be able to play FFVII's main theme; 're' and this other broken note render that impossible
There's at least one good use for this item, but its most important job is to 'stop' a certain desert-dwelling monster
Young Cloud has a Pre-Emptive materia equipped, but no accessory--Sephiroth, however, has this solid accessory equipped
A mistranslation of 'Ogre Nix,' this weapon can only be purchased at Icicle Inn
The Limit Breaks Planet Protector and Great Gospel are the only ways to take advantage of this unique status effect
It's the only enemy that has the highly useful Big Guard Enemy Skill in its repertoire, and it seems so unassuming...
This is the only area on the planet where the 'All' materia can be purchased--and even then, only on Discs 2 and 3
With 33,333 HP, this dragon will not go down quickly--he's also stingy with experience points
Ultima, Shield and this materia are the only ones in FFVII that have no effect until a certain amount of AP is gained

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