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Mike Brady's occupationA
'Mom always said don't play ______ in the house'B
The youngest daughter's nameC
This celebrity took Marcia to the school danceD
The actress who played the middle child, JanE
The girl's cat who only appears in one episodeF
The fictional boyfriend that Jan makes upG
Marcia's crush with the weird bug collectionH
Marcia, Peter and Jan all get a job working hereI
Greg's alter ego when the Brady's met with a talent agentJ
The name of Cindy's beloved dollK
Jan rubs this on her face because she thinks it will get rid of her frecklesL
Bobby kisses this girl and winds up getting the mumpsM
Marcia gets hit here by a football thrown by her brothersN
Carol comes down with laryngitis right before the Christmas service, but ends up singing this carolO
What are the Brady's having for dinner, according to Peter?P
Peter was ______ when he pushed the little girl away from the falling shelfQ
The actor who portrayed the loving and wise Mr.BradyR
The Brady's put on this show in their own backyardS
While in Hawaii the Brady's get their share of bad luck from this itemT
While on a date Bobby broke the hood of Greg's car with thisU
Peter broke this with a basketballV
When Greg needs money to cut a music record the Brady kids get together(albeit Peter's voice change) and sing this song to rehearseW
The holiday only celebrated once on the Brady BunchX
When this movie came out Sherwood Schwartz's idea for the Brady Bunch got picked up by ABCY
The Brady children always got in ______ adventuresZ

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