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Who are the members?
When is Ashton's birthday?
When is Michael's birthday?
When is Luke's brithday?
When is Calum's birthday?
Where did Calum, Michael and Luke go to school?
Where are Cal,Mike and Luke from?
Where is Ashton from?
Name Ashton's siblings
Name Calum's sister
Name Luke's brothers
Calum's sister was featured on a track by Ben Hazlewood, what was it called?
When is the 5sos birthday?
When was the first complete 5sos gig?
Where was the first complete 5sos gig?
Michael's hair was black and white during the time slsp video was released- what animal has it been compared to?
In the L.A tour diaries, how did Michael spell America when asked by Calum?
What is the 5sos dog called?
If Ash wasn't in 5sos, what would he be?
Which member of One Direction tweeted about 5sos first?
-BUT which member is very very fond of the band?
5sos, being very talented and friends with 1D, ended up joining them for 2 tours, what were they called?
On the TMH tour, 5sos joined 1D on the stage and pranked them withh pies, what song was 1D performing?
They then did another prank involving masks of the 1D boys, what song was 1D performing then?
What is Luke's mum dubbed as?
And lastly, what is the original name of the 5sos channel?

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