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Can you name the First lines of each character in the Half-Life series??

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'Comes... Another...'
'What the hell is going on with our equipment?'
'I'm not sure, it seems to be some kind of interference.'
'...' (Portal)
'...' (Half-Life)
'Gordon Freeman, in the flesh. Or, rather, in the Hazard Suit.'
'I am!'
'Dr. Freeman, I presume.'
'Hello? Is anyone in there?'
'Hello and again welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center.'
'Welcome, gentlemen, to Aperture Science.'
'Yes, Barney, what is it? I'm in the middle of a critical test.'
'Welcome. Welcome to City 17.'
'You. Citizen. Come with me.'
'Yes, yes, I'm not deaf.'
'This steerable rocket launcher is our best bet for taking down a gunship.'
'For it was said that they had become like those peculiar demons which dwell in matter, but in which no light may be found.'

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