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Can you name the One Piece Characters in order?

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The pirate king?
Whose wife is?
Whose son is?
Who went after the traitor?
Who sailed on the crew of?
Whose first division commander was?
Who is friends with fifth division commander?
Who clashed swords with this warlord in the war?
Who is the ultimate rival of the aspiring swordsman?
Whose dead childhood friend is?
Who looks alot like?
Who works under?
Who brought in ex-warlord?
Who tried to steal the kingdom of Alabasta from princess?
Who was saved by a man called mr. prince, also known as?
Who beat up this man on the Baratie restaurant?
Who made friends in the navy with?
Who originally worked for?
Who broke this man's jaw?
Whose son is?
Who made friends in the navy with?
Who spoke out against (in the war)?
Who was stopped from killing Koby by?
Whose first mate is?
Who is often seen with this meat loving crewmate?
Whose fellow sharpshooting crewmate is?
Who is the father of?
Whose childhood friend is?
Who aspires to be a great doctor like?
Who was influenced by?
Who asked this person to look out for chopper?
Who now lives under the rule of this friendly king?
Who was a guard for?
Who is a member of the World Government led by?
Who consider the navy's greatest power to be this admiral?
Who was friends with this giant?
Who befriended a prisoner named?
Who was the mother of?
Who studied under?
Who was shot by?
Whose the father of?
Who went after this great shipwright?
Whose main apprentice was?
Who was friends with a cyborg named?
Who was attacked for his blueprints by this organization?
Whose top agent was?
Whose long nosed comrade was?
Whose 'u' at the end of his name is shared by this major one piece villian?
Who took the throne from?
Who protected this girl and her father?
Who was scared of 'The Beserker'?
Who was a descendant of the great warrior?
Who was friends with this explorer?
Who descendant is?
Who was beaten up for his gold by?
Who works for?
Whose fellow warlord capable of controlling shadows is?
Who was told to be careful of strawhat Luffy by?
Who was turned into a cyborg by?
Whose Pacifistas are lead by?
Who helped lead the raid on Sabaody with?
Who was stopped from killing Zolo by?
Who was told to not reveal if the One Piece was real or not by?
Whose grandfather is?
Whose son is the revolutionary?
Whose comrade in the revolutionary army is?
Who protected Luffy in the war with the help of the fishman?
Whose fellow pirate was a fishman who terrorized villages?
Who attacked the village home to?
Whose panties are always asked to be seen by?
Who made a promise 50 years ago to?
Who is watched at the Cape by?
Who was once a pirate under?

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