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This man was friends with Lew Armistead and was a corp commander at Gettysburg.
He was the president of the Confederacy.
The commander of the Army of the Potomac at Fredricksburg.
Name of Robert E. Lee's Army
The battle where Stonewall Jackson was wounded by one of his own soldiers
First battle to take place on Union land
First battle of the war
The political statement that came after the Battle of Antietam
Ulysses Grant's real name
Location where Lee surrendered
Most famous Union ironclad ship
Most famous Confederate ironclad ship
Battle that secured the Mississippi River for the Union
Led a last ditch effort for the confederacy to take Cemetery Ridge during the Battle of Gettysburg
Leader of the 20th Maine who led the Union effort on Little Round Top
Location where the first shots of the war were fired
State with the most Civil War battles
Cavalry leader for the Confederacy known for his reconnaissance abilities
State with the last battle of the Civil War
State known as the 'Breadbasket of the Confederacy'
The Confederacy hoped this world power would aide them in the war
The valley that experienced much bloodshed during 1862
Nickname for the location at the Battle of Fredericksburg where the Confederacy took their position
During the Second Battle of Bull Run, the Confederate soldiers used this when they ran out of ammunition
The man who had the Civil War began in his front yard and ended in his front parlor

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