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Can you guess 35 fun facts about 5SOS?

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Luke's Full Name
Ashton Had His First Kiss At Age
Luke's Favorite Pizza Topping
Ashton's Height
Luke When To Which School
Michael's Starsign
Luke's Starsign
Another Instrument Michael Wants To Be Able To Play
Michael's Natural Hair Color
Michael's Favorite Movie
Luke Would Date a Fan How Many Years Younger Than Him
Michael's Favorite Chocolate
Ashton's Favorite TV Show
Calum's Full Name
Restaurant Luke Wants To Book Out
Calum's Starsign
Luke's Idea of A Perfect Date
Calum Prefers What Color Hair
Calum's Heritage Is
Michael's Full Name
Luke's Favorite Animal
Calum Had His First Kiss At Age
Luke's Favorite Movie
Ashton's Full Name
Luke's Favorite Type of Ice Cream
Calum's Favorite Fruit
Calum's Favorite Color
Luke's Favorite TV Show
Luke Plays Which Sport
Ashton's Starsign
Luke Had ____ Bowls of Ice Cream At Pizza Hut's Ice Cream Eating Contest
Calum's Favorite Pizza Toppings
Ashton Joined The Band When
Luke Is The Most _____ Member Of The Band
The Band Came Up With The Name When

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