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These are another handful of real bricklaying questions

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HintAnswerAnswer Needed
What angle is dog toothing laidDegrees
What is the width of an arch calledName
Would a yellow band fire extinguisher be used on burning woodYes/No
How many bricks are needed to build a room L6mxW6mxH2mNumber
What is the highest point on an archName
DPC is used to prevent whatName
What is the length of a ten brick long wallMillimeters
What is the top of the window opening calledName
HintAnswerAnswer Needed
Most common joint finish on an exposed pierName
What is the underside of an arch calledName
A soldier is laid on what end of the brickName
What name is given to the cut bricks making up an axed archName
What colour fire extinguisher would you use on a petrol fireName
When setting out is a hard hat neededYes/No
Most common joint finishName

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