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These are another handful of real bricklaying questions

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HintAnswerAnswer Needed
How thick is a standard bed jointMillimeters
What is the name given to the process of removing 50 mm of top soilName
In windy conditions what would keep the line steadyName
Should you use a black band fire extinguisher in a confined spaceYes/No
What is the brickwork called on a brick and block houseName
When using a chariot how much mortar needs scraping outMillimeters
Minimum height of DPCMillimeters
How many bricks are in 1 sqm of English bondNumber
HintAnswerAnswer Needed
Height of a concrete blockMillimeters
How often is an expansion joint neededMillimeters
What type of brick is used on brickwork that will be seenName
Would you use a spirit level during setting outYes/No
What temperature is needed before bricklaying startsDegrees Celsius
What type of brick is used on brickwork that won't be seenName
Minimum spacing of wall ties Lengthwise Millimeters

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