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QUIZ: Can you name the African countries by these historical facts?

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Historical FactCountry
The National Party governments in this country enforced a racial segregation system known as apartheid from 1948 until 1994, curtailing the rights of the majority black inhabitants
This country has had a rich history, including the spread of Islam, Arabization, Ottoman and French colonization, and independence in 1962
Following independence from France in 1960, president Léon M'ba curtailed freedom of expression and instituted one-party rule in this country
This country was notoriously the only home of the Dodo bird, which became extinct fewer than eighty years after its discovery
Since 2003, the Darfur crisis in Sudan has spilt over the border of this country, destablising the nation with thousands of Sudanese refugees
This country was occasionally used by pirates until 1756, when Captain Nicholas Morphey claimed it for France by laying a Stone of Possession
From its independence in 1964 until 1991, this country was governed under then-prime minister Kenneth Kaunda's socialist United National Independence Party
Despite being one of the richest countries in Africa per capita, this country's ruling authoritarian regime has one of the worst human rights records in the world
After decades of no central government and fledgling interim federal administrations, this country established a permenant central government in 2012
Historical FactCountry
Named after the Portuguese words for 'Lioness Mountains', this country's capital was founded as a home for former slaves of the British Empire
In 1994, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tutsi and Hutu people were killed on the orders of the interim government in this country
This country was mandated to South Africa in 1920 and was subjected to its apartheid policy and laws until its independence in 1990
A former British colony known as Southern Rhodesia, this country was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations in 2002 due to the corruption of Robert Mugabe's regime
After over four centuries of Portuguese rule, this country gained independence in 1975 only to enter into an intense civil war that would last until 1992
An intense civil war that lasted from 1975 until 2002 plagued this country not long after it obtained independence from Portugal in 1975
This country has one of the longest histories of any modern state, having been continuously inhabited since the 10th millennium BC
A former colony of the United Kingdom called Nyasaland, this country's current president, Joyce Banda, is the nation's first female president
Initial human settlement of this country occurred between 350 BC and 550 AD by Austronesian peoples arriving on outrigger canoes from Borneo

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