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QUIZ: Can you name the pieces of Amtrak history?

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Amtrak was created by
In the year of
Amtrak is a private entity directed to operate as a
There are ___ members on the Board of Directors
Amtrak offers a ___ Discount
on one way coach fares for
Today all trains operate with ___ and _______ electronics
Amtrak operates in ____ states on average
The busiest Amtrak corridor is ____
If Amtrak were an airline, it would rank number ___
Three positions on the Amtrak Board of directors are appointed by the President of the U.S., Name them
and the second is
and the third is
Amtrak operates ___ long distance trains
In 2008, Amtrak had ______ passengers
Paragraph PieceAnswerSecret!
What is the name of the fastest train in America?
When did it start?
How fast does it go?
A long distance train consists of these type of cars
The even trains travel ___ and ____
The odd trains travel ___ and ____
The U.S.'s largest train is the
it has ____ engines
and ____ passenger cars
The word 'acela' comes from the words ________
and _____
What are three of the trains on the west coast?
and a second??
and a third???

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