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Can you name the F1 drivers who were unlucky enough to deserve a biography on f1rejects?

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DescriptionDriverNationality and Season
Desperate Lotus was badly in need of his cashBelgium (94)
Most recent female racer couldn't qualify her BrabhamItaly (92)
An F1 career lasting one corner thanks to JJ LehtoItaly (93)
Most races ever without a solitary point to his nameItaly (93, 95-96, 99, 09)
Driver who had more hair than good F1 opportunitiesItaly (91, 93)
The pasta man's '90 season went steadily downhillItaly (89-90)
Actor's son a no-hoper at March and awful PacificFrance (92, 94)
First ever F1 Dane only given a few races by Frank WilliamsDenmark (73-74)
No results - given the boot when the money ran outMonaco (94)
Pilot of the deadly-slow Osella, who made his name in MexicoCanada (86)
Qualified slowest in ALL his racesItaly (89, 92)
The man who really gave Jaguar its first taste of F1Italy (50)
No points; never shined despite plenty of opportunityBrazil (82-83)
ABBA drummer and truck racer sans par!Sweden (81-82)
No chance in a car 25 seconds off pole timeAustralia (90)
Drove for Kauhsen and Merzario. What more can we say?Italy (79)
The man with more retirements than Michael JordanSpain (87-88)
13/13 DNPQs in a geriatric Coloni chassisPortugal (91)
Couldn't touch teammate Tarquini in FondmetalSwitzerland (92)
Saw his ex-Fangio car almost wrecked by... FangioVenezuela (60)
6 seasons of F2 gave him just 3 Grand Prix chancesItaly (79)
The new Alain Prost? Only in his dreams!France (87-90, 94)
Georgian Royalty, but F1 entrant whom history forgotSpain (74)
Pay-driver legend had 3 overly-eventful Grands PrixSwitzerland (94-95)
Crashed during practice in his only F1 attempt, aged 43USA (63)
Restaurateur gives Maserati 250F its last hurrahUSA (60)
Promising career halted thanks to a year with OsellaItaly (83-84)
Plodded around in awfully slow, but reliable, AGSFrance (87)
A wild reputation for big smashes was well deservedSwitzerland (89-90)
F3 ace a wasted talent at unhelpful SauberArgentina (97)
Off the pace; never finished a race; sadly forgottenSwitzerland (87)
Long time Alfa Romeo tester had to give up his carItaly (77, 81)
Red Bull junior (and discard) raced for MinardiAustria (05)
Two starts from five attempts with EnsignFrance (79)
Limited opportunities, ineligible for pointsAustria (84)
2 points in 111 races. You do the maths!Italy (81, 83-89)
Simtek wasn't the best place for a Formula One hopefulFrance (93-94)
Mansell's nemesis was F1's enfant terribleFrance (89-92)
DescriptionDriverNationality and Season
Poor machinery in F1, soon became tragic IndyCar figureColombia (82-83)
Only claim to fame: initial tester of the in-car cameraFrance (84-85)
DNQ'd his only GP entry, but illegally started the race anyway!Germany (77)
Groomed for and later dumped from F1 by Fittipaldi brothersBrazil (76-77)
Mid-90s Japanese driver had an eventful F1 careerJapan (94-95)
The most obscure F1 entrant ever DNQs in CanadaUSA (67)
Statistics can deceive: the most DNQs without qualifyingIreland (80)
Last driver to race in F1 using open-faced helmetFinland (74)
Buzzards beware! Hans the Messerschmitt Man is here!Germany (52)
F1's forgotten Finn failed to qualify in both his GPsFinland (77)
Shortest Grand Prix career ever: one solitary afternoonJapan (76)
Just two starts not enough to prove what he could doFrance (94)
The comeback king with a best GP finish of 9thNetherlands (79-82, 92)
Most DNPQs in F1 history, without ever making a gridItaly (90)
His outings for EuroBrun were a waste of time and moneyArgentina (88-89)
Nobleman racer who bought himself some mid-90s F1 drivesItaly (95-96)
Local driver who entered his home GP and scored a point!South Africa (62, 65)
Patriotic rugby-playing F1 team boss scored 1 point as a driverFrance (66-67)
Formula Junior pioneer made 3 attempts in Champ GPsItaly (61-63)
Drove in unofficial practice, but never got a superlicenceColombia (81)
Teen prodigy had 3 F1 chances - but all of them with Minardi!Brazil (96, 97, 01)
Local entrant whose name nobody could even get right!France (71)
Kept his cars on the road, but right at the backArgentina (00-01)
A Grand Prix debut consisting of 18 metresUnited Kingdom (92)
Drove for Simtek, Pacific and Forti. 'Nuff saidItaly (94-96)
Teammates Panis and Trulli made him look pretty ordinaryJapan (97-98)
Stuffed around for March; shafted by JordanItaly (92-93)
It was $$ that got him a drive with desperate LarrousseJapan (94)
The 'Flyin' Hawaiian' who was always 'on the gas'USA (77-78)
One start for F3 champ turned Elgh managerSweden (75)
Only driver ever to be black flagged for being too slowCanada (67-69)
Aussie legend with F1 career of 9 starts, 5 teams, 0 pointsAustralia (74, 76-77)
'Jungle Boy' couldn't deliver for Jaguar and WilliamsBrazil (03-05)
Olympic skeet shooter had a violent smash in his one F1 startNetherlands (62)
Omni-present on the American racing scene; not in F1USA (71-72)
BMW ambassador had one and a half bites at the F1 cherryAustria (69, 74)
CART legend who had a brief flirt with F1 thanks to WolfUSA (78)
Made an F1 grid just once in 16 lacklustre attemptsFrance (88-89)
DescriptionDriverNationality and Season
British Mini Cooper legend was a one-race F1 wonderUnited Kingdom (65)
Anonymous outings for Bernie E. and Frank W.United Kingdom (74)
Brazilian hopeful was hardly the next SennaBrazil (96-98)
'God of the Rats' - backmarker and mentor to Jos the BossNetherlands (84-86)
Single Minardi outing only chance for Prost testerFrance (99)
Saddled with dead-on-its-legs SimtekItaly (94-95)
Lest Ferrari Fans ForgetFrance (83, 88)
This Zakspeeder endured 13 DNPQs in successionGermany (88-90)
Car dealer's son had one season in EuropeNew Zealand (62)
Hero in Mexico, little known elsewhereMexico (63-68)
Part of the least competent team in recent memoryItaly (97)
'Prince di Giardinelli' entered just one WC raceItaly (61)
Violent Zolder smash the focus of a dismal yearItaly (81)
Very slow in his Tyrrell 007 - a license not to thrillAustria (76)
An F1 season proved forgettable for 'Spin and Win' kindUSA (83)
One-off drive a solid effort in an ancient TyrrellJapan (77)
Youngest ever F1 driver who made F2 his homeNew Zealand (80, 84)
Gentleman pilot took 5th place in his only GP startUnited Kingdom (52)
Talented gentleman Jag driver, who had a one-off in F1United Kingdom (56)
Youngster who exited F1 shrouded in mysteryArgentina (98)
Every team he drove for ran out of moneyBelgium (91-92)
Three luckless F1 attempts - but he always had FAtlantic!Canada (81, 83)
An enthusiast racer with one WC race for WilliamsSwitzerland (75)
Opel heir had some dismal efforts with Ensign and BrabhamLiechtenstein (73-74)
Scored no points while team-mate won the championshipAustralia (71-72)
German F3 Champ never made the F1 gradeGermany (89)
Dual Winter Olympic bobsleder had a limited racing careerUnited Kingdom (68)
1973's calamitous safety-car driver had 2 one-off F1 entriesCanada (67, 74)
Le Mans movie pilot's sole GP was in a works Ferrari!United Kingdom (67)
Won an F1 race - but it didn't count in the ChampionshipSouth Africa (80)
Youring car legend had an F1 career that, well, suckedGermany (89)
Impressed little before F1, and impressed little in F1Netherlands (75)
Struggled through a turbulent year at MinardiMalaysia (01-02)
One of the true heroes of motorsportItaly (91-94, 99)
Local racer in a privateer entry at his home GPSpain (76)
Miraculous break into F1, but his luck didn't lastArgentina (79-81)

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