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Can you name the Southwark Walk?

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Where Dicken's Dad was imprisoned
Red Cross Garden and Cottages
Name for prostitutes memorialized with flowers on gate
Founded a college in USA and born on Borough High Street
Triangle of land that has been there since Roman Times
Built to buy and sell hops
Last galleried inn in London. Plays would have been performed in the courtyard.
Where Chaucer's pilgrims start their journey in Canterbury Tales
Founded by Sir Thomas Guy in 1724 with money he made from the South Sea Company
Oldest market in London
Replica of ship in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world
Theatre built in 1599 famous for Shakespeare
First theatre in Bankside built in 1587
Place where I often enjoy bear baiting
Place of Christian worship for over 1000 years, became a cathedral in 1905
What bridge links Southwark to City of London

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