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Forced Order
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Old Fish Market
Modernist building where Cruella De Ville's headquarters were in the film
Modern building that looks like an egg
Diagon Alley was based on this market
Year of the Great Fire
Built the Tower of London
Sits just east of the City and was built along with 8 other castles around London
Name for Tower of London (starting in 15th and 16th centuries)
Stainless steel building built in 1985
HintAnswerExtra Stuff
Founded in 1694 to raise money for the French wars
Where the Great Fire started
What is inside the Tower of London today
Meeting place built for business men founded by Sir Thomas Gresham
Man who wrote a now famous diary from 1660-1669
Garden in a bombed out Christopher Wren church
Where the Lord Mayor lives in his year of office
Built from AD 43-41

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