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HintAnswerExtra Hinteu ^^

iKON is Coming to town

Fandom Name

Bobby's Stuff Toy
gimme honey

Yunhyeong's Lipbalm Flavor
nivea bby

Fashion Terrorist
single since birth :(

Sassy Member
need I say more?

Baby of the squad

Survival Reality #1
sesangeul heundeureo~

iKON's debut song
you work and walk and spit words like a boss

David and Goliath OTP
they're everywhere kekeke ^^

Yunhyeong's song during M&M (vocalist test)
after the collab battle

Leader's Full Name

No limit gon' touch the sky
WIN Final
HintAnswerExtra Hinteu ^^

Most Friendly Member
Fashionista too

Member with no abs
Oldest x Youngest

Rabbit of the squad

two members that didn't debuted with them

Chanwoo is the young???
name of actor

Basic Three
youngest to oldest

Any otp

Junhoe likes her
B.I's lil sis

Parents own a restaurant
lipbalm prince

nano member XD

Hanbin's OTP in the company
let it go~

Guess My Bias Please?

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