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Can you name the characters from the Thief series of games?

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the protagonist
his sceptre got stolen
tried to have the protagonist assassinated
the leader of the Mechanists
the head of the City Watch
a Hammerite who tried to track down the Hag
leader of the Downwind Thieves' Guild with Lord Donal
a Pagan wood nymph who helped defeat the Mechanists
he borrowed the lucky hand of glory
mystical sentient rock that lived in the Old Hammer Cathedral
bride-to-be of Lord Ember
supervisor of the KD Site and Cetus Project
young girl who was killed by the Hag in the Shalebridge Cradle
dead Hammerite whose ghost remained in the Old Cathedral
The Trickster's human alias
The Hag
leader of the Keepers
he lead the team that went into the Bonehoard but never came out
head of The City
he ran an exporting company out of Rampone's Dockside Shipping
Pagan sympathizer on the City Watch
owner of the Opera House
rich noble with an extensive mask collection
last emperor of Karath-din
a reliable fence who died in Cragscleft Prison
his invitation to the Angelwatch Party was misplaced
an often-seen drunk guard
a Pagan who was held on Markham's Isle
he made steaks from spider meat
his vase was stolen by the Downwinders

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