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Can you name the Warehouse 13 HG Wells?

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What does the H stand for in H G Wells?
Who de-bronzes her?
What artifact does HG use to move through Escher vault?
Why was she bronzed?
What is her daughters name?
Where is her daughter killed?
Why was her daughter killed?
What relative was her daughter staying with?
What fictional metal does she create?
What does she give to Myka in 'For The Team'?
What style of martial arts does she favor?
How long does her time machine last?
What artifact does she use to try to end the world?
What artifact was she wearing when Artie shot her?
What is her brother's name?
What was her partners name in Warehouse 12?
What artifact did she send into outerspace?
What artifact is used to remove her consciousness?
What encrypted file holds the whereabouts of HG's new 'persona?'
Where does HG Wells' physical body reside after the split?
What is her name when she gets her memory erased?
What becomes her new job after being split?
What is the name of her cat?
What was her mentors name in Warehouse 12?
What year was HG born?

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