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Study in Pink: Where did Watson train for being a doctor?Don't fall!
Study in Pink: What did Watson's therapist suggest to help his PTSD?Not antidepressants
Study in Pink: What was Sherlock testing on the body in the morgue?He needed a riding crop
Study in Pink: What question did Sherlock ask John when they first met?No WMD's
Study in Pink: A wedding ring dirty on the outside but clean on the inside suggests what?Your cheatin' heart
Study in Pink: How can you tell a good Chinese restaurant?Fingerprints
Study in Pink: What is Mrs. Hudson not?A cup of tea, dear?
Study in Pink: What was causing the cab driver's death sentence?Any breath could be his last
Blind Banker: In what profession was John's girlfriend, Sarah?An apple a day...
Blind Banker: What sign marks a member of the Black Lotus?Walk a mile in my shoes...
Blind Banker: Why does John not need to remember all the graffiti painted on the wall?Click!
Blind Banker: What book held the clue to the code?Next time, won't you sing with me?
Blind Banker: The Black Lotus mistook John for whom?Elementary!
Great Game: Where did the assassin's name originate?Once upon a time...
Great Game: Where were the swimmer's tennis shoes hidden?Next door neighbor
Great Game: What was the clue that the painting was a fake?Twinkle, twinkle
Great Game: Who assisted Sherlock with information?Street smarts
Great Game: What skin disease did the murdered swimmer have?There's a cream for that.
Great Game: Who was the last victim to wear a bomb?Full metal jacket
Scandal: What was Sherlock's disguise for entering Irene's house? Hot under the collar
Scandal: How did Sherlock and Irene communicate?Aaahhhh...
Scandal: Sherlock identified Irene's body by not her...Poor Molly
Scandal: Who is the one person to whom Sherlock apologizes without being prompted?Merry Christmas
Scandal: What killed the man when the car backfired??G'day, mate!
Scandal: What would happen if Mrs. Hudson left Baker Street? Awwww...
Scandal: John's blog counter is stuck at what number?A very good year
Hounds: What's Lestrade's first name?Is that what you're calling yourself now?
Hounds: What does Sherlock not have?He has one of these only
Hounds: What does Sherlock slip into the coffee he makes for John? two lumps
Hounds: Two words Henry begins to remember:USA
Hounds: Whose ID gets Sherlock and John into the military base?Brotherly love
Hounds: What two of Sherlock's affectations annoy John?Not his Asperger's
Reichenbach: What does Moriarty stick onto the crown jewel display case?Gross!
Reichenbach: What message does Moriarty keep displaying for Sherlock?Quite a debt
Reichenbach: What is Sherlock NOT supposed to do when giving testimony?Can't help it
Reichenbach: What does John find in an envelope on the doorstep?Hansel and Gretel
Reichenbach: What three words does Sherlock say to the reporter, which seal his fate with her?Ouch
Reichenbach: John to Sherlock while they're handcuffed and each on the opposite side of a gate:Understatement
Reichenbach: What was Richard Brooks' supposed claim to fame?Bedtime for psychos
Reichenbach: Name one of the three people Moriarty believes Sherlock cares aboutHe forgot at least one

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