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Can you name the Supurbia comic book characters?

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Live-in girlfriend of hero; Reformed super-villain spellcaster
Wife and CEO of the Fritche Foundation, Hitchcock Blonde
Husband of Mongolian woman, explorer, Mr. Mom
Shapeshifter impersonating wife of superhero
Just married wife of hero, Registered nurse, nervous wife
Wife and former partner of hero, Retired vigilante, family glue, mother of one daughter
Son of the Bright Moon; young son of explorer
Unpowered at first daughter of explorer and daughter of Bright Moon, later spellcaster
African-American only child daughter of super heroes
Meta Legionnaire; Batman-like husband of Fritche CEO
Meta Legionnaire; Gay sidekick
Meta Legionnaire; Sidekick (second-in-command) who replaces his murdered mentor
Meta Legionnaire; Older leader of Meta Legion who is murdered
Meta Legionnaire; Superman-like character
Meta Legionnaire; Super powered adult daughter of the Bright Moon
Meta Legionnaire; Green Lantern-like character
Spell casting villain

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