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Can you name the name the Halloween costumes in Modern Family episodes

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Season 2 (2010) Gloria spoke in an English accent while dressed as this
Season 2 (2010) Jay was a scary this which Gloria mispronounced
Season 2 (2010) Manny fire bad
Season 2 (2010) Cam served on a platter
Season 2 (2010) Mitchell went to work dressed as this
Season 2 (2010) Claire hosting her haunted house
Season 2 (2010) Phil's joint costume with Claire
Season 2 (2010) Haley's final attempt at getting Mother to accept her costume
Season 2 (2010) Luke's smartest costume
Season 4 (2012) Gloria is out of this world
Season 4 (2012) Jay's daredevil costume
Season 4 (2012) Cam's complement to Mitchell or his complement to Lily
Season 4 (2012) Mitchell saying Ole
Season 4 (2012) Lily wants to look like her mother
Season 4 (2012) Claire tries to scare Phil at his open house
Season 4 (2012) Phil is showing an open house
Season 6 (2014) Gloria was the beauty, Jay was supposed to be the beast
Season 6 (2014) Jay loses his wig for this costume
Season 6 (2014) Manny looks like an old timey gangster
Season 6 (2014) Joe Fulgencio complement to Gloria's costume
Season 6 (2014) Cam's companion costume to Lily
Season 6 (2014) Lily's costume which causes Cam to lose sight of her
Season 6 (2014) Claire wanted a scary insane asylum
Season 6 (2014) Phil's colorful costume
Season 6 (2014) Haley's attractive crazy person
Season 6 (2014) Alex was working it with big hair
Season 6 (2014) Luke in a strait jacket

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