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Can you name the List of Piggy Tales Third Act Episodes?

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HintAnswerNumber of Pigs on Stage
Pig acting with a balloon1
Lights keep breaking back and forth1
Pigs using shooters to aim a apple4
A pig trying to get a chocolate bar1
A pig using tricks with his pancakes1
Pigs competing using magic2
A pig using his snout to blow bubbles and gets trapped2
A pig fearing to dive down1
A pig using his skills to jump over hurdles1
A pig vaulting but fails to reach1
A pig trying to do another pig's portrait2
Pigs fighting over the chalkboard2
A pig struggling over a wooden swing1 (partially 2)
3 pigs fixing a chair but ruining it1 (partially 4)
Pigs watching want janitor to do his talent, But realizes he was just dreaming1 (end of episode there was 2)
A pig getting the hiccups, Another pig tries to cure him2
Tango Pig and Fat Pig dance, But Fat Pig steps on his leg2
HintAnswerNumber of Pigs on Stage
Vampire Pig tries to wake a pig that's sleeping2
Two pigs doing shadow talent2
One pig struggles to get a pumpkin off his head2
A pig saw too many pigs doing something wrongHimself on chair seeing talent
A pig bot malfunctions then the pig bot controlls the person who controlled Pig Bot2
The microphone keeps unworking1
A pig stopping five pigs' light dance then replaces it with6
A pig jealous about his gift size2
Pig struggling to get a gift off his leg1
Angel Pig gets into a tangle with a tree1 (partially 2)
A pig asking where he is 2
A member battling with a mime2
A pig painting a colorful wall2
Janitor Pig fighting a alien pig2
A pig bothered by a pig that's playing a ball2
A pig trying to get through a wet floor1
Everyone cleaning Piggy Tales props13

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