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Can you name the verbos con la forma como gustar?

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to feel sorry for
to be surprised
to create a good (bad) impression (on one), to like
to be (one's) turn; to win (a rafle, a lottery prize)
to bother (one); to be bothered by
to suit (one's) interests, to be good for
to dislike
to fit right (badly); to be (un)becoming; (to be too large, small) (for one)
to seem (to one)
to be surprised
to like
to be hard (for one); to have a hard time +ing form
to delight, to charm, to fascinate; to be fascinated by
to have left
to worry; to be worried by
to need
to be (turn out to be) pleasant (unpleasant, difficult, painful, easy, distressing, sad) (for one)
to delight, to charm; to be delighted with
to matter (to one); to mind
to have enough
to interest (one); to be interested in
to have in excess, to have more than enough, to have left over

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