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What color hair does Aunt Petunia have?
What did baby Dudley throw at the walls when Vernon tried to kiss him?
What is the name of the weatherman that reports showers of shooting stars all across England.
Who does McGonnagal think made the shooting stars in Kent?
What is Dumbledore eating while he sits on the garden wall of Number 4.
How many hands does Albus's watch have?
Who gave Hagrid his motorbike?
What object was in Harry's dream right before he was awoken on Dudley's birthday?
Who broke her leg and therefor can't watch Harry?
What is the name of aunt Petunia's friend on vacation in Majorca?
Who comes to the zoo with Harry and the Dursleys?
What does Mrs. Figgs living room smell of?
What did the Dursleys buy Harry at the zoo from the ice cream van?
Where is the snake in the zoo from?
Name the rest of Dudleys Gang (Do not include Dudley or the one already mentioned)
Name both people going to Smeltings in September (first names).
What color tailcoats do Smeltings boys where?
What is Ravenclaw's emblem?
What did Vernon do to the first letter?
What did Dudley throw through the greenhouse roof?
What was on the door mat when Harry tried to steal his third set of letters?
What did Vernon try to nail the mail slot with?
What does Vernon pull out after Sunday's letters arrive through the chimney?
What is the name of the hotel Harry and the Dursleys stay at?
What TV program is Dudley missing on Monday, the day before Harry's birthday?
Dumbledore is the Supreme...
What holiday did Voldemort murder the Potters?
Other than Potters, what is one of the three families Hagrid mentioned Voldemort killed?
What color light is the spell Hagrid uses to give Dudley his tail?
When Hagrid tells Harry he can sleep under his coat, what does he think may still be in the pocket?
How many Knuts does the owl with the 'Daily Prophet' want?
What does Hagrid do to pass the time on the train?
Who is the author of 'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi?'
QuestionAnswerFun Facts
What type of metal are Hogwarts Student's cauldrons made of?
What two types of shops are on either side of the Leaky Cauldron?
Who is the first person to shake hands with Harry in the Leaky Cauldron?
What do they say Quirrell met in the Black Forest?
What color is goblin outside the door's uniform (2 colors)?
Who feels sick after the Gringotts cart ride?
How many Sickles to a Galleon?
Who does Harry meet in Madam Malkin's Robes?
Who wrote 'Curses and Countercurses' in Flourish and Blotts?
Where does Harry get his snowy owl?
When did Ollivander's start making wands?
What type of wood was James Potter's wand?
How long is Voldemort's wand?
What book did Harry find Hedwig's name in?
Who helps Harry get his luggage on the train?
What do the Weasley Twins say (jokingly) that they will send Ginny to cheer her up?
Who has a giant tarantula on the train?
Who did Ron's wand belong to before him?
What is the first Chocolate Frog card Ron gets on the train?
What flavor was the grey bean that Harry tried but Ron wouldn't?
Where does Bill work?
Who does Scabbers bite?
What color did Harry turn his teachers wig?
Which ghost wants to give Peeves another chance?
What color is Hannah Abbott's hair (put a the word 'hair' after the answer)?
Who is the first Ravenclaw to be sorted?
What house is Lisa Turpin in?
What 4 words does Dumbledore say before the feast in order?
Who does the Bloody Baron sit next to?
What is the name of Neville's Great-Aunt who offers his Great Uncle Algie meringue?
Who is the only one who can control Peeves?
Who needs a leg up to get into the portrait hole?
In his dream after the feast, what is Harry wearing?

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