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What is Dixie's real name?
What is Dixie and Jeff's ambulance number?
Where is Nick Jordan's tumour?
What day is Casualty on?
What hospital is it set in?
Which character (as of 2012) has been there the longest?
Which character was married to Adam Trueman?
How did Polly Emmerson die?
Why was Sam Nicholls taken to court?
What did Sam suspect the man she shot in Afghanistan was holding?
Who is Dylan married to?
Which character was in a mental asylum for performing brain surgery in the overnight room?
Who is the receptionist?
True or false, Casualty was first broadcast on the 8th November 1988?It was first broadcast on 6 September 1986
True or false, it is the longest-running emergency medical drama television series in the world?
What destroyed the department in 2011?
As of January 2012, where is it filmed?
Who was Nick Jordan with on and off for a few years?
What is Big Mac's job title?
The cast released a single in 1998, which made number 5 in the British charts. What was it called?

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