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A creepy little sneaky little
It's all up in my face, need to push it away
We're all in this together it's our home so let's take care of it
But nothing's ever gonna change until you hear my dear
Were gonna party like there's never a worry cause good times rules, so no curfew
The honest truth, the real McCoy
But people change thank God I did
You used to call me your angel, said I was sent straight down from heaven
It's 6 am and I'm wide awake cuz I can't stop thinking bout the stuff you were sayin' to me
The weekend's almost done the moon is low in the sky
Sometimes I'm in a jam I gotta make a plan
Can't find a single cloud in the sky help me before I get used to this guy
We can do anything we wanna do it's all up to you and me
I'm unusual, not so typical
For those who don't know me I can get a bit crazy
Cause in the end no one loses or wins the story begins again and again
Saying goodbye to the people who tied you up
Song LyricsSong
So you'd better leave the light on wait for me and just leave the light on.
If I could have just one night to be with you and make it right
Cause the way you got your body movin's got me confused
And when he's looking at me I wanna get all sentimental
Out of the fire and into the fire again
Electrified, I'm on a wire getting together we're on fire
You'd be the right guy and I'd be the best friend
I can't be superman I say, I say that I know I can
Cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy
One, two three everybody come on, off your seats
Lost here in this moment and time keeps slipping by
There's always gonna be another mountain
And now suddenly thunder and everything's changed
Feel like a star a superhero
I come home in the morning light my mother says 'when you gonna live your life right?'
I remember when we kissed I still feel it on my lips
It's the friend that you holds your hand when nobody understands

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