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What are the products of respiration?
Where does the light-independent reaction (or Calvin cycle) take place?
What is the amount of energy that is available to the next trophic level known as?
What word describes the role of a species within its habitat?
What do populations of different species in a habitat make up?
What is the name given to first species to colonize a new land surface?
Which method which can provide evidence for global warming involves looking at tree rings?
What is the term for climate change caused by human activity?
What does IPCC stand for?
What is development of a new species known as?
What is the name for the study of proteins?
Which base replaces thymine in RNA?
Which sections of genes don't code for amino acids?
Where does the second stage of protein synthesis take place?
What does PCR stand for?
What is added to DNA fragments so they can be seen under UV light?
What is the name of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis
What is the name for the process of white blood cells engulfing pathogens?
What cells do activated B cells divide into?
Which type of antibiotics prevent bacteria growing?
What are HAIs? (what does HAIs stand for?)
What is the stiffening of muscles after death known as?
Which technique involves recording the insects on a dead body to estimate time of death?

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