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Which pathway is activated in the initial shock response to stress?
What does the adrenal cortex release?
What did Hans Selye come up with?
Who investigated exam stress in students?
What scale did Holmes and Rahe create?
Which two words describe the amount of control a person has?
Which kind of people did Marmot look at in his study?
Which personality type seems to lead to a higher risk of stress related illnesses?
What are the three characteristics of a hardy personality?
name a biological method of stress management
Which psychological method of stress managemet did Meichenbaum put forward?
What is the shallowest form of conformity?
What kind of influence did Asch's participants show?
Who conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment?
What was Zimbardo accused of showing?
Asch found that a fellow dissenter led to a _____________ in conformity
This indicates how much personal control people believe they have over their lives
What percentage of participants in Milgram's original study administered 450V
What is it called when you act for someone else?
Agreeing to something in small steps is known as
Which definition of abnormality describes inability to cope with the demands of day-to-day life?
Who identified six conditions associated with good mental health?
Which mental illness is an increased level of dopamine associated with?
What is the name of the treatment that involves administering an electric shock to someone's brain?
What are Freud's three parts of personality?
Which method of psychoanalysis involves the patient talking freely?
Who was conditioned to fear white, fluffy things?
What kind of conditioning did Skinner investigate?
Which therapy involves the patient making a fear hierarchy?
Which therapy removes an undesired behaviour by associating it with unpleasant feelings?
What model did Ellis create
What therapy did Ellis develop?
are you going to pass AS psychology?

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