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a round organelle containing digestive enzymes
the site where proteins are made
a group of fluid filled flattened sacs
site of aerobic respiration
ring of DNA
tail used to propel a cell
list in order the four stages of mitosis
in which stage of mitosis do the chromosomes line up
what process produces gametes?
where does fertilisation occur in mammals?
reaction that releases enzymes from the sperm?
where does fertilisation occur in flowering plants?
what is the purpose of the endosperm?
the ability to produce all cell types including extraembryonic cells
name a source of adult stem cells
this is when individuals in a population vary within a range
characteristics controlled by many genes are
a ........ describes the position of a species within its ecosystem
the science of classification is called
what kingdom are algae in?
'adhesive' sticking adjacent plant cells together
site of photosynthesis
organelle that stores starch grains
they transport water up the plant
what is the major component of cell walls in plants?
who used trial and error to cure dropsy?
when a species is unique to a single place

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