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What is written on Mitch's cigarette case?
What was the original name for the play?
What kind of Soda did the young man have?
What is the name of Blanche's family home?
Which subject did Blanche teach?
What did Stanley smash the lights with on their wedding night?
'I know! I know! You __________ me'
What is Blanche's nickname for Stella?
How many rooms are there in Stanley and Stella's home?
What was Stanley's birthday present for Blanche?
What do Blanche and Mitch have in common?
What is the last thing that Blanche says in the play?
What object does Blanche use to defend herself against Stanley in scene 10?
What colour is Blanche associated with?
How did Allan die?
What does Blanche get Mitch to put over the light bulb?
What music is associated with Stanley?
Where in do Stanley and Stella live?
What does the name Blanche Dubois mean?
'funerals are pretty____________' complete the quote

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