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Match up references to quotes in ADV232?

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Who spoke about the potential dangers of celeb endorsement?
Who came up with the concept of 'meaning transfer'?
What did Ellett (2012) advise for using comparative appeals?
Who said: 'Those undergoing role change/status mobility are dependent on meanings of their possessions'
Who suggested spokespersons are a 'core' ?
Humour is more effective WHEN? (Zhang and Zinkhan, 2006)
Who claimed 'sex sells' is not effective for a large segment of consumers?
Who claimed idea is 20% execution, and 20% idea?
Who claimed literature has four mythic orientations?
Who's creative process involves incubation?
Who said creative ads must be divergent and relevant?
Who used the means-end chain as described by Vriens (2000) in advertising creativity?
Two stages of creativity, primary and secondary, are defined by who?
Who described the change from USP to ESP?
What criticisms did Bartle have of ESP?
Who created the Elaboration Likelihood Model?
'Advertising is a paid mediated form of communication, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action' said WHO?
What percentage of people who see an OOH campaign will engage with it on their smartphone?

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