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Can you name the obscure Friends trivia A-Z?

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Joey's go-to fake nameA
Joey's boat's nameB
Word Ross teaches PaoloC
Phoebe's fictitious roommateD
Ross's much younger girlfriendE
Made up word for how Phoebe occasionally feelsF
Emma's first wordG
Joey's bedtime penguin palH
Japanese lipstick for menI
Monica's overpriced restaurantJ
Chandler swallows this action figure's sonic blaster gunK
Rachel's deceased petL
Like a cows opinion, according to JeoyM
Chandler's extra body partN
Chandler's part-time homeO
What Joey did to Monica at the beachP
Monica would prefer to only use her fancy wedding plates for whoQ
Phoebe's go-to fake nameR
Mean name Ross gets called at a Brown Bird meetingS
What Rachel thinks Chandler's Job isT
Float that got away during a Thanksgiving Day ParadeU
Fictional kite designerV
The sound a whip makes, according to ChandlerW
Ross repeatedly goes to this store just to see a girlX
What Rachel thinks Danny is, upon first inspectionY
John Stamos guest stars asZ

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