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Can you name next rung on this marijuana themed word ladder? (5-Letter)?

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Hint5 Letter Word
• _____ two joints in the morning •
Wheel support
Baby 'shroom
Jersey, perhaps
A way to earn your allowance
Opposite of open
Dolly the sheep
Old female
What your history professor does
Past car movements
Where oranges grow
6 feet under
Activity of choice for cows and sheep
• Eye sheen after smoking •
• Get high •
Blow up or break apart
Kinda famous actors
Seen on radars
What Simone Biles does
Pumps the wings
Shows appreciation
Dice game/poops
Does acid
Smiles widely
Rupert _____, Ronald Weasley
Sex noise
Takes the _____ of the blow
• Cigar Improvement •
Answer quickly
What alcohol does to your world view
What alcohol does to your speech
Bad part of town
How Lebron dunks
Where one might unravel
Hint5 Letter Word
What Scotty does for you
Necklace adornment
Scuba ailment
The Beatles, for one
Wards off
Makes cookies
• How you feel after several joints •
Lance Armstrong did this
Stabbed with a long spear
How your air freshener smells
_____ and the Brain
_____ Winky
How crappy headphones sound
Cotton-headed _____ Muggins!
Grandma or babysitter
_____ Drew
How you feel when your favorite song comes on
Prom, for one
Class Clown
• 28 grams •
How a kindergartener might spell 'Once'
Reaction to a bad pun
From then 'til now
Lightly burn
__ and purge
Goes with Baddas
• Preferred smoking devices •
What Ricky Martin does
Asian dongs
Not your needs...
Wills and
7 major land masses (abbr.)
Warm winter apparel
Mayflower and the like
Rounds of sword fighting
Easily wins a battle
The path you take while driving
Hint5 Letter Word
Cheek coloring
Harsh to the touch
Word before noogies
The fifth sense
• A stoner's haven •
The home of a baby kangaroo
Where one might relax on a nice day
How a bird sits
Australian City
Where a ship docks
With many Ernies
What your heart does
Salami and pastrami
Lunch and dinner
Brazilian currency
Cinema's film
Water plants
• TV show created by Jenji Cohen •
Sesame, for example
Fortune tellers
Chicago landmark, with Tower
Battle wounds
Get laid
Sleep sounds
Cocaine entry method
A feature of the upper class
• Weed-Smoking Rapper •
Addictive internet game
Stand in the past
Your front step
What your feet do when you are angry
To baffle
Bad posture
The hair left in your drain
With nipple, if you are kinky
Slimy shellfish
Large family units
Hint5 Letter Word
The sound of metal dropping
Annoying character on Community
• With Cheech •
G-string or Sandal
Lending the Addams a 'hand'
What you are doing right now
A _____ in the armor
Radiator sounds
An empty sheet of paper
The color of a smoker's lung
New Kids On The _____
4:20 is smoke o':
A wizard's coat
Kick the bucket
The sound old bones make
A river one foot wide
Frat names
• The color of our favorite herb •
One of seven deadly sins
Annoying Pearl Jam knock-off
Baby sounds
French or Freedom, for example
Lord of the _____
What a fairy does, for example
What a stoner's eyes narrow to
A case of the runs
At my _____ end
Color of the clouds
Bratty noise
To _____ own self be true
Wheat _____
Leg bones
A fatty has many
Spare change
Comes together
• And then I smoke two more! •

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