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QuestionAnswercan you guess the answers???
Who is Spongebob's best friend???
what is spongebob's snail's name???
who is always trying to steal the krabby patty recipe???
what is the name of the city???
What is Sandy???
who are Sponebob's heros???
what are spongebob's parents?
what is Mr. Krab's daughter's name???
what is Plankton's wife's name???
where can spongebob not get in???
what are the two things Sandy is best at???
what instrument does Squidward play???
who is squidwar'd arch nemisis???
who is plankton scared of ???
where does Spongebob work???
what band plays at pearl's birthday party???
what is the phrase that is said when spongebob and patrick get lost and live in a cave???
QuestionAnswercan you guess the answers???
what animal noise does gary make???
who is spongebob's boating school teacher???
what does spongebob call squidward when they go to boating school together???
who gives squidward their laughing box???
who helps spongebob and patrick get back to bikini bottom from shell city???
what is King Neptune's daughter's name???
who stole King Neptune's crown???
who pulled the golden spatula out of the grease slip???
what ride are spongebob and patrick scared to go on???
how tan does spongebob get in the tan party episode???
what toy story do spongebob and patrick stay the night in???
what is Mr. Krab's granfather's name???
What show replaces Fab and Fancy???
What does Squidward live in???
What is Plankton's resteraunt called???
Who is The Ghost that haunts Bikini Bottom???
What is the name of the Fish on The news channel???

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