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The clues...
Maintenance of a constant internal environment
The body senses an internal change and then activates mechanisms that reverse that chance
Conditions fluctuate within a narrow range known as a
Widening of the arterioles to allow more blood to surface of skin
hormone increases metabolic rate
temperature sensitive neurons
able to generate heat inside our bodies
grumble, mumble, stumble, tumble..symptoms of
alpha cells secrete
amino acids converted into glucose
the removal of waste products of metabolism from the body
The removal of the amino group from an amino acid in the liver
where urine is collected before it enters the ureter
PCT cells are covered in
the bowmens capsules are positioned in which part of the kidney
The clues...
specialist cells in walls of bowmans capsule
during celling reabsorbtion substances move from cells in wall of tubule into blood by
These increase membrane permeability
a word relating to diseases with a slow onset
hormone causing increased red blood cell production
type of drug that reduces blood clotting
naturally occuring chemicals used as HRT alternatve
a clouding of the lens
damage to optic nerve due to pressure build up
The ______ system of the brain enlarges as we age
neurofibrillary tanges consist of
senile plaques consist of
condition involving degeneration of cartilage in joints
our hearing worsens as we age as sensory cells in the _________ die
Lung tissue and artery walls become less_______ as we age

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