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Forced Order
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Formals, swim, friendly friendly friendly
Sisterhood, VA Beach, lifeguard, Christine DAng likes her hair
VA Beach, can read tea leaves
I love China and Nick. grandma voice.
nose piercing, sunshine
Secret Sketch. quiet. Sig Pi Girlfriend.
What's your favorite season? Don't get LOST.
Leaving us for France :( , Claire Still's doppleganger
Runner, Ohio, tiny, Chemistry
Swim Club, Council, Diamond fam, duct tape dress designer
short, speaks Russian, lives off-campus
at Cornell now... sadddd Cosmo
Greek Impact, Philly
Spain right now, beautiful smile, brunette
AMP. curly hair. Georgia. elder.
middle eastern flute, dating a boy named morrison
Very involved, APO, Model UN
no thanks you peanuts, very classy
excellent singer, Spring pledge class, from NY, dating a Beta
Blond, Sociology, Rec employee, OA
loves LC, makes out with a sling on, exposed boobie
is not here- in MAryland...but we miss her.. little gaga
Spain right now, wore sparkly red dress last semester
Chemistry, Field Hockey
Pixie. Made out bandit. millions of costumes. Scones.
Food ass baby. Esteemed Head. Cheese fries with chili. Drunk text messages. Flutes. Anything animal print.
Sailer, mini-Charlotte
APO, new mama, very very nice
Texas lady, ginger, dagger fam
Esteemed Head, blond
Soccer. Red HAir. Girls Scoutz. Organic Farms.
PR, Cosmo, most outstanding new member, lots of rings
hickeys during new member period, sophomore
ISC, classy, cosmo, SCUBA
Vegetarian. She rocks, get it? Can't see through her cigarette glasses. Gaga.
a. I'm Drunk... b. I miss you. c. will construct email later.... ps i made out with gerard butler
Prom earrings. cool fish tank.
your favorite persian from the third floor. cameraz!
little diamond, full of energy, girl scouts
Outgoing, IM Sports Chair, goooood dancer
OA, Matoaka Street, Florence, Business
Resident (advisor) asian. Expert milliner.
White Sox, Chicago, good hair
Tallest Kappa Delta Award
Swim club, new tattoo, call's Claire 'mama', IM Sports
Florida. St. Andrews. petite.
Sexy, Hip hop. Baghdad, Bootyful
Anthropology, pearl family, not here right now, but in our hearts
growing sense of feminism. mrs. scully.
Cosmo Fam, Standards, Phone-a-thon
Chaplain, Champion
Dupont, ginger, likes Josh Groban
Onancock, VA, ginger
was in England recently...
Accidental, tattooed foot
germany high school, sham fam
sophomore, tribe pride, Middleburg
Can get you into the Leafe. Thinks she is a Disney princess. Loves dirty jokes.
Sailing, Glee fan
Fierce, LAX, Government jobs, IR, Chinese
Hunt Hall, hilarious, crazy, banner god
Swim team winner. Academix! Georgia
Bon-Bon, Dupont baby
Delta Phi Lover, blond, jellybeans, econ
Obsessed with primates. Every accessory matches.
Calculust, such a joy, loves socials
Socials, OAD, petite
dating KDR, glasses, small
pre-med, Sham Fam
going to be on TV, chicago
JAM, ass-$$$
Tall, Emma Andrews' eldest, VERY Tan, Colorado, Anthro
in DC right now, weird noises, AIDSTZ, dating a delta chi
Loves Bud Light and Christmastime. Can play alma mater on the flute. Loves velour suits.
Girl scouts, nautilus, navy fan
Vietnamese, Beyonceee, works at Friends
made out with Meredith D. wore only underwear to senior meeting.
Henhouse, she rocks get it?, angelfish
PR Apparel, AMP, Chinese, Honor Council, Tennis
Crew, Hunt Hall, mini-Aileen
Orchesis, all the single ladies
New Jersey, charms fam
new sexretary, pretty hair
LAX, Campus Golf, Jersey, Ireland, NICE, glasses
sporty, hilarious, references Spongebob on her Facebook
Blond, Rich, has a future, NYC, runner
Swim Club, Judicial Council, put together
former Swimmer, VP Operations
Russian. Number one contributor to the alphabet game.
Crew, neuroscience/math, legacy
Blond, Chemistry, Athletic, Students Helping Honduras
Clemson, wholesome, DOGStreetJournal
France. squeaky squeaky. Texas

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