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Can you name the words or phrases from A to Z* that start with double letters?

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clueword or phrase
AA: Westernmost German city
BB: Hoops, slangily
CC: Medium size in a lingerie shop
DD: June 6, 1944
EE: Fictional donkey
FF: E's enharmonic equivalent
GG: Watergate mastermind
HH: author with the pen name Saki
II: 'You can't dissuade me!'
JJ: 'Lost' co-creator
KK: Hateful grp.
LL: Fox's 'Back to the Future' co-star
clueword or phrase
MM: Campbell's slogan
NN: Oakland Raiders star cornerback
OO: Wonka employee
PP: After-afterthought, in brief
RR: not suitable for children
SS: E-6 rank in the USMC
TT: Sporty car roof
WW: Org. with a panda logo
XX: 2002 Vin Diesel movie
YY: 1981 instrumental track by Rush
ZZ: 'Sharp Dressed Man' band

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