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Definition or HintMisspelled Word (SPELLED CORRECTLY)
1) Unambiguously or Positively
2) The violation of anything sacred (the adjective)
3) To accuse of wrongdoing or charge with an offense
4) Act to achieve certain goal or determine direction of travelling
5) Organisation of government
6) Tree like vegetable
7)Thick mucus secreted in respiratory passages
8) Novel by Jane Austen - Pride and ...
9) Majority of opinion or general agreement
10) Not essential
Definition or HintMisspelled Word (SPELLED CORRECTLY)
11) To replace in power or authority
12) List of questions
13) Military rank (first and second...)
14) A person who organises or manages an enterprise
15) Discerning judge of the best (e.g of wine or art)
16) To stimulate disease resistance by implanting an antigen
17) Specifically or to an exceptional degree
18) To make or become liquid
19) Having the same direction, course, nature, or tendency
20) Inner sense of what is right and wrong in one's conduct or motives

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