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Fall 2014 APO Nu Rho Pledge Test Review

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Fall 2011 Pledge Class
Fall 2012 Pledge Class
Fall 2013 Pledge Class
Fall 2014 Pledge Class
Daniel Flax
Brittany Thomas
Montana Smith
Rose Richardson
Caitlin Paisley
Sarah Beaudet
Rachel Popp
Rachel Wimmer
Cara Minnix
Exec Position 1 (Dana Holmstrand)
Exec Position 2 (Logan Scharen)
Exec Position 3 (Lauren Bomgardner)
Exec Position 4 (Kelsey Renoll)
Exec Position 5 (Daniel Flax)
Exec Position 6 (Lindsay Baldovin/Rachel Waymack)
Exec Position 7 (Dan Delmonaco)
Exec Position 8 (Tessa Diehl)
Exec Position 9 (Katie Greenberg)
Exec Position 10 (Londi Guerra)
Exec Position 11 (Chase Jordan)
School where APO was founded
Place where APO was founded
Founder and first president of APO
When was APO founded?
When were women admitted?
APO Code of Honor is based on
Who is the Chief?
Where was the first national convention held?
Number of regions in APO
Nu Rho's region
Nu Rho's section
Field of Service 1 (smallest)
Field of Service 2
Field of Service 3
Field of Service 4 (largest)
National Newsletter
Sectionals held
Regionals held
Nationals held
William and Mary's APO chapter name
Nu Rho charter date
Nu Rho lost charter
Nu Rho re-chartered
Nu Rho charter president
Active brother dues
Active brothers must attend __/12 meetings
Active brother service hours
Active brother __ hours from escort
A brother must attend __ weekend escort shifts
How many service projects must an active brother have?
Active brothers must have _________ credit
Active brothers must have __________ credit
Associate brother dues
Missing how many requirements will put you on probation?
Who is our big brother chapter?
JMU chapter name
CNU chapter name
GMU chapter name
VT chapter name
UVA chapter name
VCU chapter name
ODU chapter name
U of R chapter name
Step 1 to creating a service project
Step 2 to creating a service project
Step 3 to creating a service project
Step 4 to creating a service project
Step 5 to creating a service project
Step 6 to creating a service project
Step 7 to creating a service project

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