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Put a name to it!!!Name It!!!
means rebirth
writer who argued that rulers should pursue only power and success
ability to transform well-know stories into dramatic masterpieces
Polish scientist, viewed today as the founder of Astronomy
showed that temperature and pressure affect the space that a gas occupies
built a “telescope” and began to study the heavens
wrote “The Book of the Courtier, a book of manners
technique that allows artist to show depth on a flat canvas
goal was to strengthen Spain’s hold as Europe’s leading power
artist who used science to make paintings more realistic
believed that a shorter route to Asia could be found by sailing Westward instead of sailing around the tip of Africa
a brilliant mathmatician who used models, observation, and mathematics to test Copernicus’s heliocentric theory
Put a name to it!!!Name It!!!
scholars who based their studies on classical Greek and Roman literature
a priest, and teacher who was strongly committed to his religious beliefs, felt it necessary to challenge certain church practices
led 180 men and 37 horses on an expedition that traveled to what is now Peru
sailed northward to what is now Florida
poet and teacher who believed in learning by studying classical writers
Holy Roman Emperor
artist known for the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
a Portuguese navigator sailing for Spain, proved Balboa was correct.
used his printing press to print copies of the Bible
responsible for Portugal’s interest in exploration
realized the force that holds the planets in their orbits and the force that causes object to fall to Earth are one and the same
. approved the voyage of Christopher Columbus

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