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Blaine's last nameA
The full name of the Cheerio who thinks she's the most talented member of New Directions following her anesthesia Britney Spears incidentB
Brittany is afraid her ___ is reading her diaryC
Artie's solo in the episode 'Wheels'D
The opening song of Season 2E
The New Direction's opening song at Regionals in Season OneF
Kurt says that Rachel manages to dress like a ________ and a toddler at the same timeG
Kurt: 'You smell _________, Brent, _________H
The boys of New Directions mash up Confessions Part II with this songI
In Rachel's song in the episode Bad Reputation, she casts Finn, Puck, and Jessie as this personJ
The New Directions cover this Avril Lavigne song in the episode 'Throwdown'K
Mercedes gathers the New Directions together to sing this song to show their support of Quinn and Finn and their babyL
Tina bursts into tears while singing this song to MikeM
How Kurt answers the phone (7 words)N
Brittany doesnt want to be launched by the human cannon because she doesn't want to die before this is cancelledO
The Jane Addam's Girls Choir stole this song from the New Directions set listP
She regret's using 'Trust Me' as a form of birth controlQ
Creator of GleeR
Losers at McKinley often get this thrown at themS
Santana tells Rachel she dresses like a 'bait girl' on this TV showT
Holly Holiday helped the New Directions mash up 'Singing in the Rain' with this songU
Kurt performed 'Le Jazz Hot' from this musicalV
To escape bullying, Kurt switches schools and joins the Dalton ________W
Please comment with a glee related word that starts with X... just type X to get this one rightX
The song Rachel tries to seduce Finn into singing with her in her room in 'Hairography'Y
Lauren's (big emo girl that Puck likes) last nameZ

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