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Famous blues singer known as the 'Empress of the Blues'
This composer wrote Rhapsody in Blue in 1924
'Musical' nickname of the 1920s
This black nationalist leader was deported by the U.S. back to Jamaica in 1927
Nickname for films that incorporated spoken dialogue
This 1928 pact made all wars illegal.
This art movement associated with Dali began in the early 1920s
He flew the first solo transatlantic flight, from New York to Paris
The African-American 'Renaissance' of cultural and intellectual life occurred in this US neighbourhood in the 1920s
The Scopes Monkey Trial took place in this U.S. State in 1925
Term for the 'new breed' of young woman who flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behaviour
He was the MLB player with the most Home Runs, RBIs, and highest batting average in the National League over the course of the decade
Voted 'Athlete of the Century' in a poll by ABC Sports
This dance named after a city in South Carolina became popular in 1923
Prohibition occurred in the U.S. for the entire decade thanks to this amendment
The name Gertrude Stein gave to the group of American expatriate writers and artists living in Europe during the decade
Iconic jazz trumpeter nicknamed 'Satchmo' who came to prominence in the 1920s
Site of the worst race riot in U.S. History in 1921
Sacco and Vanzetti, accused of murder in Boston, were politically associated with this group
In 1926, this American olympic champion became the first woman to swim across the English Channel

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