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The main character: A young lady once willing to throw all she had away to defeat Sin.
The main character's cousin, former guardian, and member of the Gullwings.
Once a recorder for the Crimson Squad. She joined the Gullwings hoping to find answers to why the Squad collapsed.
The 'Deathseeker'; Meyvn of the Youth League, and once a candidate for the Crimson Squad.
Praetor of New Yevon, and once a candidate for the Crimson Squad.
Leader of the Machine Faction, and once a candidate for the Crimson Squad.
A sphere hunter and leader of a Syndicate.
A sphere hunter and member of a Syndicate; uses a shield.
A sphere hunter and member of a Syndicate; uses a pair of guns.
Leader of the Gullwings.
For all intents and purposes the Gullwing's Number Two
An Al Bhed wunderkind. Underneath that mask, is he pondering his next invention...or Spira's future?
A Hypello who has worked aboard the Celsius since Brother took him in.
A blitzball player who once served as a guardian. With the fierce battle with Sin behind him, he is now bracing himself for the fiercer battle of fatherhood.
A black mage who supported the main character as a guardian, and more importantly, as a sister of sorts.
Besaid's blitzball team
Former Crusader and leader of the Chocobo Knight. She holds the Youth League together admirably as the Meyvn's right-hand woman
Former Crusader and Chocobo Knight.
Former Crusader and Chocobo Knight. Calling him Spira's number one chocobo fan would hardly be an overstatement.
An officer in the Youth League and ardent admirer of the High Summoner.
A young man who was once guardian to his older brother. When the Calm came, he parted with his brothers and joined the Youth League.
A man dispatched by the Youth League to Besaid Island.
A summoner who made her pilgrimage with her lover. After the Calm came, she put down her staff and took up residence on Kilika Island.
A young man who became a guardian to protect his lover. He greatly reveres the legendary guardian, Auron.
Former priestess of Yevon. After the fall of the temples, she moved to Luca, where she now works as a news anchor for one of its sphere networks.
A girl who long locked forward to the Calm, lover of chocobos.
Producer of many a show throughout Spira.
Attendant who once served two generations of Guado leaders, Jyscal and Seymour. With the arrival of the Calm he forsook Guadosalam and sought refuge in Macalania Woods.
Leader of the Al Bhed. He just recently made his start in the tourism business-perhaps in the hopes of rebuilding his lost Home?
An Al Bhed woman who heads up the excavation camp in Bikanel Desert. She has a knack for psyching people up and putting that slightly misguided determination to work.
An Al Bhed boy. He is the one and only person able to converse with cacti and cactuars.
An Al Bhed businessman whose travel agencies dot all Spira.
Travelling peddler.
Younger brother of the travelling peddler above.
Ronso Elder, former guardian and protector of the main character.
A young Ronso warrior whose friends were murdered by Seymour two years ago.
A Ronso child who left Mt. Gagazet in search of a way to heal Elder's broken horn.
A Ronso child who left Mt. Gagazet in search of a way to heal Elder's broken horn.
A former summoner and an older brother.
Once guardian to his brother. Along with Taro and Hana he now seels his fortune as the founder and captain of his own band of sphere hunters, the Kinderguardians.
An old man who has gathered great wisdom from his travels throughout Spira, and simply loves to talk about it.
Besaid Islander who joined the Crusaders despite his older brother's protests and died fighting Sin.
A warrior and guardian who transcended death to keep his promise to a friend.
A man who came to Spira from the dream city of Zanarkand, a guardian to the main character's father, and eventually became Sin.
The main character's father. He clashed with Sin twelve years ago with his guardians at his side and gave his life summoning the Final Aeon.
The leader of the Guado, one of four measters of Yevon, and the main character's former fiancee He sought to use Sin's power to drown Spira in the slumber of death.
One of the four maesters of Yevon. He established the Crimson Squad in an attempt to regiment the Crusaders.
Father of Spira's search for truth and also of New Yevon. Said to be a priest-but in reality he was a dark puppeteer, able to bend Spira's most powerful fiends to his will.
A songstress who lit the stages of Zanarkand one thousand years ago. She was also a summoner, fated to lose her life alongside her lover.
A young man consumed by a thousand years of despair. He seeks to use Vegnagun's power to extinguish Spira

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