Zatch Bell- What if Mamodo have Devil Fruit powers

Can you name the Zatch Bell- What if Mamodo have Devil Fruit powers

Zatch BellWhat clouds produce in the sky when it raining
KanchomeWhat is a square
TiaSomething that protects you
PonygonWearing protection and make things burn
WonreiAn animal of his ultimate spell
KidoAn object that shoots
BragoMake things heavy or light
BariAir or Liquid that spins
HydeWhat gas flows around everyday in the sky
ReycomWhat is water's solid form
GofureWearing protection with a hard material
SuginoWhat grows from the ground
KoluluWhat grows on an animal's fingers
FeinWhat do people do on the track
EshrosWhat does everybody walk on
MarussWhat is a solid material that is learned in science
RobnosWhat kind of light does an optical amplifier emits
PokkerioWhat are trees made of
ZofisWhat do you call it when a bomb releases energy with high temperatures
Baltroyou put a seed in the ground and water it so it can grow into a what
YopopoWhat do we listen to in our headphones
KikuropuWhat do people do with their hands when they fight others
DannyWhen people get hurt, what do the doctors need to do to the wounded victim
PurioWhat liquid comes out of people's mouth
ZoboronWhat kind of reptile is Zoboron
Cut N' PasteWhat species normally walk and talk
NyaWhat feline creature is larger than a cat
GrisorWhat does a volcano produce
ZabasWhat do animals fly with
BaranshaWhat do you call it that's there, but you can't see it
BagoWhat do we chomp with
FurigaroWhat mythical creature lives in the snowy mountains
Zeno No need for a hint, ya'll should already know this one if ya'll know a' lot about Zatch Bell
RopsWhat object do you climb with
DonpocchoName something that is pointy
PennyWhat do we drink when we are thirsty
ByonkoWhat animal is Byonko
Boru-BoraWhat kind of bird has big eyes and turns his head around
DogmosAn animal of his ultimate spell
ErujoA mythical creature with a head of a human and a body of a lion, it's his ultimate spell
FausutoIn mythology, their are some human's who are taller than normal height humans (this maybe tricky)
TorowaWhat bird has yellow wings, Tweety from looney tunes is this type of bird
TsuvaiWhat metal pieces are linked to together to bind anything
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