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Can you name the Yu Yu Hakusho: Name Characters?

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spirit detective with spirit energy
one with the energy sword
one with the rose whip
one with dark flames
the spirit detective's master
known as the grim reaper
in charge of the spirit world
spirit detective's girlfriend
one whose psychic and related to the energy sword user
spirit detective's spirit beast
makes jewels by crying and related to the dark flame user
turns into a monster to eat souls
disguise as a monk and takes peoples powers
leader of the four saint beasts with the power of lightning
punches the opponent with ice and known as the blue dragon
a white tiger with a loud scream
merges himself with the earth
likes to play with yo-yos
drinks to use energy
has a sword on his finger
manipulates fire
an evil short doctor that turned himself into a monster
shoots out cresent blade energy
makes an energy javelin
uses his fists to blow up things with explosive energy
a robot with extendable arms created by the evil short doctor
an imp with the power of wind
a shinobi with the power of ice and it's not the blue dragon
puts make-up on his body to put seals on the opponent from making movements
makes mist by sweating himself
makes an armor of earth
acts as an old man then turns into a clown
releases dead souls from his sword
turns his hand into an axe
turns into animals from peaches
carries a box to turn people old and a fishing pole
grows muscles with percentage
shapeshifts into a weapon
wears a muzzle that can create bombs
carries a huge axe
a gambler that bets on anything
former spirit detective turned evil
makes portals between worlds
controls bugs and other diseases
controls water
makes games come into reality
absorbs powers by eating the victim
shoots an object at perfect accuracy

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